Postdoctoral Researchers Dr Victor Martinez
Postdoctoral Fellow

This project examines how extracellular matrix (ECM) remodeling is modified by interaction between fibroblasts and myeloid cells. Modification of ECM organization in tumours affects tumour progression via both immune infiltration and tumour metastasis.

key Dr Lotte (CM) de Winde
Postdoctoral Fellow NWO Rubicon fellow

Lotte works on the function of Podoplanin on a molecular level using super resolution microscopy.

go site Dr Spiros Makris
Postdoctoral Fellow

Spiros will be working to understand macrophage populations within lymph nodes focusing on the resolution of inflammation.

Research Assistants

key2 Christa Benjamin
Research Assistant

Christa supports all of the lab projects and is currently investigating cytoskeletal dynamics in FRCs and making new cell lines for the lab.

PhD Students

source link Valerio Imperatore    

PhD Student (2017)

Examining the role of neuronal innervation in tumour development

CRUK funded –  Joint project with Lloyd Lab (LMCB)

key Harry Horsnell        

PhD Student (2018)

Measuring tension and mechanical forces during lymph node expansion

MRC funded

source link Lindsey Millward     

PhD Student (2018)

Understanding the molecular signalling downstream of podoplanin

MRC funded

Master’s and Undergraduate Students

key2 Alex Carver     

Master’s Student, UCL – Understanding the role of PDPN in melanoma

key Caitlin Fitzgerald 

Undergraduate Project Student, UCL Biosciences – Validation and exploration of FRC RNAseq dataset Rachel Finlay 

Undergraduate Project Student, UCL Biomedical sciences – Validation and exploration of FRC RNAseq dataset

Past Lab Members

Samantha George

Valeriya Pankova

Abbey Arp

Pinar Gumus

Master’s student UCL Cell Biology. Podoplanin function in melanoma

Undergraduate project student, UCL Cell biology. Working on the function of LL5beta in FRCs

Master’s student visiting from University of Amsterdam. Examining myeloid infiltrations of tumours.

Master’s student visiting from Universite Libre de Bruxelles. Examining myeloid infiltrations of tumours.