This is a joint project between our lab and Professor Alison Lloyd at the MRC LMCB. Fully funded by Cancer Research UK for 4 years.

nerve in skin 2Project Description

Nerves innervate nearly every tissue and innervation has a critical role in tissue regeneration and wound repair, with Schwann cells playing a major role in the regulation of this process. Consistent with the requirement for innervation to form new tissue, recent studies in prost
ate cancer have indicated that innervation is critical for both tumour initiation and development and identified non-cell autonomous roles for sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves in these processes3. Despite these findings and the clinical implications, the role of innervation in tumour development has been largely ignored and the cellular and molecular processes involved are poorly understood.
Using a combination of 3D and live in vivo imaging, together with molecular analyses, this project aims to increase our knowledge of the mechanisms responsible for the innervation of tumours, in particular at the early stage of development.
This is a joint project between the Lloyd lab, with expertise of the peripheral nervous system and the Acton lab, that has expertise in the live-imaging of tumours and immune responses.
The project will initially study the role of tumour innervation using melanoma models of tumour formation and will use the following methodologies:
  • In vivo tumour models
  • 2-photon intravital imaging
  • 3D tissue reconstruction
  • molecular analysis and knockdown studies
  • 3D in vitro migration models
  • The candidate should have a degree in a relevant discipline and significant laboratory experience. The candidate needs to be ambitious, capable of conceptual thinking and interested in cancer biology. Good communication and organisation skills are also required.

We look forward to hearing from you!