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4 Reasons I’m glad I did a PhD (and stuck to it!)

Doing a PhD has been a series of challenges which I could rant about indefinitely. That’s the reason I started writing this blog! But 4 posts in and it’s already in danger of turning into free therapy - something nobody wants to read. So, I thought I would change the tone, to discuss reasons why I’m [...]

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Coping with Stress

Final year stress is creeping up on me. Until now, final year had been running smoothly. I've enjoyed generating an abundance of data, as my project has advanced and my laboratory skills have refined. But suddenly it’s nearly June, and I’ve reached the four months allocated to writing on my PhD Gantt chart. So now I’m [...]

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#HowtofinishaPhD – What will my future be?

For many people, the decision of whether to do a postdoc is an agonising one. For me it was the easiest decision in the world. Through much of my scientific career and education, I thought I wanted to be a researcher. I wanted to be at the cutting edge, doing the most exciting job I possibly [...]

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#HowtofinishaPhD – Help, I’m stuck in the lab!

Last week a PI from the department remarked to me in casual conversation: “shouldn’t you be writing up?”. Should I? At time of writing it’s mid-April 2021, and that PI didn’t know that due to COVID-19 I have recently been awarded a paid extension until January 2022. However, in the plan I have made for my [...]

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#HowtofinishaPhD – Join Lindsey on her journey

I’m Lindsey, a final year PhD student due to finish this September. Or January. Who knows any more, the goalpost keeps moving. It’s been 3.5 years of several astronomical highs (getting voted to do a full conference talk from my poster, reaching the university’s 3-minute thesis competition final, and probably about two times that experiments have [...]

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#NewPI Survey

How did you go about find a host institution for your fellowship application? How did you choose a department when applying for a lectureship? How well supported are you in your new position as a principle investigator?   Personally, I didn’t ‘negotiate’ particularly, and when I was applying (in 2014), I’m not sure I would have [...]

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Gap Analysis – MATLAB

This is the analysis used in the manuscript from my postdoctoral work with Caetano Reis e Sousa. I can't take the credit, it was designed and written by Rob Jenkins from the group of Erik Sahai. It's a very neat little script which will analyse the spaces between objects, by fitting a series on circles of [...]

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I lost my histones…. what does this mean?

We recently under took a series of phospho proteomics screening projects with Dr Chris Tape. This was to examine the very changes to phosphorylation signalling events in fibroblastic reticular cells when in contact with dendritic cells, and has given us some very interesting hits which we are now working with. We expected no changes to the total [...]

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CRUK-funded PhD project – recruiting now for September 2017

This is a joint project between our lab and Professor Alison Lloyd at the MRC LMCB. Fully funded by Cancer Research UK for 4 years. Project Description Nerves innervate nearly every tissue and innervation has a critical role in tissue regeneration and wound repair, with Schwann cells playing a major role in the regulation of this process. [...]

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